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How To Choose A Website Designing Company?

How to choose a website designing company?

Are you starting a new business and you don’t know how to choose a website designing company? This article will help you choose your web development company.

When you are starting a new business in Oman, a website is a must to be on your to-do list for your company.

Websites are as much important as your office space if not more, depending on the services/products your business provides to its customers.

Choosing the best web designing company for your business can be hard and time-consuming but it’s worth a while, because not every website designing company provides the best designs or can actually maintain your website after the design is finished.

There are certain criteria to keep in mind when choosing your website designer whether they are in your own country or outside of your country.

By following these 10 simple steps, you will eventually find the best website designing company to suit your company’s needs.


1. Set a budget.

Setting a budget always makes your search more clear.

Setting a budget at first is an important step for you to select your website designing agency, it helps narrow your options to companies that best suit your budget.

Your budget should be flexible between two prices (Ex. 400$ – 600$) and your aim should always be to get the cheapest price for the most services you get from the website designing company.

Web designing companies always tend to ask for more money in the beginning. Therefore, You must bargain so you can get the best price that suits your budget.

At Awswebs we have the best website designing prices in Oman with very clear packages and premium membership services, click here to get a quote for your website and don’t forget to mention your budget.


2. Create your content.

How does creating content make your search for the website designing company easier

Creating your content will make it clear on what your intentions are for your website. In Addition, it will make it easy for the website designing company to determine the price of your website.

For example, Will it be just an informative website where you will be providing information about your company? Or are you going to sell online services or products?

Putting your content together will help you determine what you really want from your website.

The basic website pages are Home page, About your company, your company’s services and a contact page to make it easier for potential customers to contact you.

If you are having difficulties creating your website content, Awswebs have the best content writers who they will study your business and help you create strong content to publish on your website, you can request the service by writing to us here.


3. Google the best designing companies in Oman, or in your country.

To get a better image of the companies in your area

Now, it’s time to start looking for your website development company. Google the top 10 website designing companies in Oman or your country, and you should get a list of the most reputable designing companies in Oman or your country.

Start browsing through their website and you should get a clear idea of their work.

Furthermore, you will see how easy to use their website, and how well it is designed by browsing through it.


4. Get quotations.

The more quotations you get the best your selection will be

Start reaching out to those companies to get the most price quotations from them. Keep in mind, you already have a budget in mind, and whoever quotes a higher price should be eliminated.

in addition, the time companies take responding to your quotation will give you an idea of how fast their response is. This is important when you need to make changes or updates to your website.

Try Awswebs quotations and mention your budget with it, we are always happy to support new businesses in Oman by developing their websites for reasonable prices. Click here to get a quote.


5. Have a look at their previous work.

Portfolio and previous work is a must to see

Every website designing agency should have a portfolio showcase of their previous work. So, Browsing through their work should give you an idea of how professional they are.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to browse through their client’s list to see if you recognize a business. And see if they have dealt with big brands. Tip: if you have a large project in mind. Reach out to these companies just to see if they are satisfied with the work.

Awswebs have designed many great websites for small, medium and large businesses in Oman, see Awswebs portfolio.


6. Read their testimonials.

Testimonials have a lot to say about your website developer

In addition to their portfolio showcase. Every company should have client reviews and testimonials of the work they have done. Don’t skip the reviews section! its a good way of knowing if their customers are happy with the work they are providing. Moreover, the review stars similarly should be helpful to know the level of their work.

Look for more reviews on their social media pages. Also, check out other rating websites to see their rank on the internet, and if other companies have mentioned them on their websites.

Click here to see Awswebs testimonials.


7. Ask for the other services they provide and their prices.

Knowing what other services they provide can make your website more awesome

Website development companies in Oman or other countries should provide more services other than just web development, most companies provide services like hosting & domain, security, content writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), etc.

It is important to have an idea about their prices because sooner or later you will need their services. Therefore, it’s best to have a look at their services pricing list.

Awswebs have a Premium Membership where we provide all these services for free for a limited time with your website design. Click here to know more about Awswebs Premium Membership.


8. Ask for Customer Support.

Customer support is much more important than the website itself

Designing the website alone and delivering it to you is not enough in the long run. and, sooner or later you will need to modify the website’s content and regularly update it with your latest business content. learning how to update your website by yourself can be exhausting. Therefore, you will need the company who worked on your website to help you get these things done for you.

Customer support is very important; as many businesses tend to change their website maintenance companies because of these issues. such as late customer support response, working times for the web designing company which don’t correspond with your working time, etc.

Awswebs have the best customer support service we are available 24/7 to secure your website and update it. after getting Awswebs Premium Membership with your website design, you can submit support tickets anytime and get answers quickly.


9. Ask where your website is hosted and their renewal fees.

You don’t want to end up with a slow website due to bulked servers

Knowing where your website is hosted and on which server is also an important aspect, there are many slow servers bulked with websites and fraudulent websites. These servers can affect your website’s speed and efficiency, and, it will also impact on your website’s security.

You need to pay annually for hosting and domain renewal, it is important you know how much that will cost you.

Awswebs have different packages of hosting, we provide the fastest and most secure servers with reasonable prices, we will let you choose your package and recommend the best package which suits your website.

10. Choose carefully (Decision making)

It time to choose

Finally, the decision is yours to choose your website designing company but choose carefully and make sure they meet all the criteria you have read, you don’t want the trouble of having to move servers or changing companies because of hasty decisions.

Hope this article was helpful to you, please leave a comment or share it with your social media accounts.

Also, Feel free to drop us a message through our contact page.

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  1. A truly informative article. I like that you cover so many different points. Points that the normal person.would not know of doing when deciding on a company to create their website. I wish you all the success in your business.

    1. Thank you, it was made that way intentionally so that people can know how to choose their website designing company without going through the hustle that most businesses do, which is dealing with the wrong companies and face a lot of eventually.
      A lot of things can be clarified just before dealing with any company.

  2. Very detailed with step by step instructions. Great article. Keep up the good work and all the best ahead.

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